How It Works - Buying A Domain

Buying one of our domain names is not as simple as some online purchases, but using the following notes as guidance you should not experience any problems. Transactions can often be completed within 24-48 hours, but we allow longer timescales for those that require them, to release funds etc. We also provide support during the process, if requested.

Note: Due to the EU wide VAT rules which came into force in January 2015, regarding B2C (Business to Consumer) transactions of digital services, we are no longer able to sell to EU individuals who do not have a valid UK address. We are still able to sell to non UK businesses including within the EU. If in doubt about your status please contact us.

Buy Now

The majority of our domains are listed with a fixed "Buy Now" price and can be secured without delay or negotiation; no VAT is payable. Use the "Buy Now" button and complete the details requested with care. This information will be used to complete the registrant (owner) transfer and to generate an invoice. It will also be held by Nominet (who administer UK domain names) and must be accurate in order to conform with their Terms and Conditions.

Once you have submitted your purchase you'll receive a confirmation email. We'll verify the data and then request payment via email using electronic bank transfer or, for Premium domain sales only, escrow transaction if you prefer. If you have not had a response from us within 48 hours please contact us and make us aware; we aim to respond to all purchase requests within 7 days of receipt. Please note that a domain name is only considered as being sold when a purchase request has been received via a Buy Now button; all purchase requests are time stamped. Once you have done this the domain will be removed from our listings. However, this buyer must then complete the transaction in a timely fashion in accordance with our terms and conditions or their purchase request will be cancelled and the domain will be re-listed. Read the relevant Payment section below to see the timescales we ask of buyers.

Make An Offer - Premium Domains

Initially you’re required to show your interest in a domain name by making an offer to buy it. All of the domains listed have a minimum offer price which you should use as a guide to open negotiation. We can only consider offers made in Pounds Sterling (GBP); prices are not subject to VAT.

The Make Offer minimum price is to show the buyer what our lowest expectations are for a sale price. Due to the subjective nature of domain valuations, plus market fluctuations and other factors we do not provide Buy Now (BIN) prices for our Premium domains. If you choose to make an offer below the minimum expected level then it’s likely that we’ll disregard it unless you can convince us through your additional comments that our valuation is too high.

Use the comments section of the Make Offer form to include any questions you have, or to mention other domains of interest. Once you’ve submitted an offer you should receive a confirmation email; if you don't please contact us as we may not have received your offer. We’ll give your offer prompt consideration and then contact you to let you know if we are accepting or rejecting it. We will normally be able to respond to an offer within 48 hours and aim to respond to all offers within 7 days of receipt. If during negotiation we don't hear from you for a period of 5 days then we'll assume negotiations are finished and begin negotiating with any other interested parties.

Acceptance will lead to us to the Payment process, rejection will mean that we are asking you to increase your offer to an indicated level based on our valuation. If we do reject your offer it will only be after we have given close consideration to the domain in question and see a higher value. We consider many factors as part of the valuation, some of the more obvious ones being, traffic potential, keyword popularity, market sector and advertiser competition, but there are many others to consider too. The domain valuation that we provide in response to your offer may therefore be significantly higher than the Make Offer minimum price.

Payment - Bank Transfer

Electronic bank transfer is the simplest form of payment and the quickest too. We can accept payments from UK bank accounts using either the Faster Payments, CHAPS or BACS systems (subject to availability between banks) without any fees from ourselves and in many cases free of any charges, but you must confirm this with your bank. We can also accept bank transfer payments from international bank accounts, but they must arrive to us in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and to the full amount. In these cases there will usually be charges made by your bank for currency exchange and/or wire transfer. You must make sure that your bank adds their fees to your total price, or we'll request a second payment is made to reach the full amount. Your contract will not become binding until you have made payment. From receipt of our payment request you will have 5 days to complete payment before we cancel your purchase request.

Upon receipt of your full payment we are able to initiate the domain name registrant transfer on your behalf and also change the TAG to that of your chosen registrar. You can identify the relevant TAG by referring to the full list of registrars and their TAGSNew Window available on the Nominet website. There are no fees associated with the transfer process. We aim to have completed all transfers within 5 days of receipt of payment, but can usually do this within 24 hours or less. Once complete you will have full ownership of your chosen domain name and will be able to transfer it into your account at your chosen registrar, usually free of charge.

Payment - The Escrow Service

For Premium domain sale payments we can offer payment via UK escrow provider Transpact, when requested by the buyer, this ensures a secure transaction for both parties and is most suited to high value purchases. An escrow provider acts as an independent intermediary for both parties, by taking temporary control of the payment funds and releasing them to the seller only after the domain name has been transferred into the buyers name and the contract terms have been fulfilled by both parties. This provides maximum peace of mind for a smooth transaction, but is more complex than bank transfer and introduces significant delays. Buyers are required to pay the escrow transaction fee which is currently £5.98. If you are using an international bank account you will also incur payment fees from Transpact and possibly from your own bank too, through currency exchange and/or wire transfer. All of these charges are the buyer's responsibility; transactions must be completed in Pounds Sterling (GBP). In a few circumstances there may be other fees incurred; see Transpact's own website for details of possible additional feesNew Window.

Once you've bought a domain, or agreed a price on one, then we'll set up an escrow transaction for the agreed sum and you'll receive a payment request via email from Transpact. From receipt, you will have 5 days to accept the transaction and a further 5 days to complete payment. Login (or sign-up) to your Transpact account to get access to the transaction and complete the acceptance and payment process; be sure to record your account password. The transaction, which is non-negotiable, will include details of the domain name and agreed price, but you can cancel your purchase at this point if required. The contract will not become binding until you have made payment. Payment will have to be made from the bank account that is registered to your Transpact account. Payment from your bank account provides a means of verifying who the buyer is. Payment must arrive to Transpact, to the full amount, in Pounds Sterling. Enter bank account details carefully, as failed or insufficient payments, or incorrect transaction references, will incur costs to the buyer.

Once Transpact have received your funds then we are able to initiate the registrant transfer process to release the domain name. This is an automated process for .uk domains and can usually be completed very quickly by us on your behalf. As well as changing the domain registrant into your name we will also have to transfer it onto the relevant TAG that belongs to your current registrar. You can identify the relevant TAG by referring to the full list of registrars and their TAGSNew Window available on the Nominet website. You will not be required to pay a transfer fee. Once complete you will have full ownership of your chosen domain name and will be able to transfer it into your account at your chosen registrar, usually free of charge.

In the unlikely event that there is any dispute over payment, that isn't resolvable through discussion, then either party can initiate arbitration via their escrow account. This should be seen as a last resort. Transpact will appoint a referee to act as an adjudicator. There will be a fee for this service, payable initially by both parties within 5 days of receipt of notification. This fee will be refunded to the party in who's favour the referee decides to have acted within the terms of the transaction. The referee's decision will be final and binding.

Payment - All Cases

You will not be able to use payment providers such as PayPal for either Bank Transfer or Escrow Transactions, all payments will have to come from a bank account. Please notify us if you are having problems in completing payment within our timescales. We will consider offering an extension period on a case-by-case basis, otherwise your purchase will be cancelled and the domain re-listed.

Finalise The Deal

Now that you have full ownership of your domain name we strongly recommend that you check the Nominet WHOISNew Window record for your domain to ensure that Data Validation has been successful. Contact details used must match those that are publically available (such as at Companies House etc.) in order to be sure that Nominet are able to verify you or your company.

You should also set the contact email address associated with your domain as this is used for renewal reminder emails. Be wary of using personal addresses belonging to employees as these tend to expire over time. Use an address you know to be permanent or you risk losing your domain name when your next renewal is due. These changes will need to be done via the control panel of the account at your chosen domain registrar.

At this point we'll send you an invoice in PDF format, via email. We'll also invite you to provide feedback on your purchase.

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