About Domain For Sale

We have been trading domain names (web addresses) since 2000 and are now owners of a significant portfolio of .uk domains which we are making available for sale on DomainForSale.uk. The portfolio contains primarily generic keyword rich domains, as well as brandable domains and some 3 letter abbreviations. Generic domain names are valued for the keywords they contain, making them powerful sales and marketing tools and potentially valuable assets for a business to own.

The value of this type of domain name has remained strong overall for some years, as website owners and marketers have realised the benefits that can be achieved in terms of branding and website performance. In an increasingly crowded online world access to a memorable web address will help to distinguish your business from the masses.

Payment is required either via electronic bank transfer (BACS) or Escrow.com, the world’s leading escrow company. Please visit our How It Works page for details of how to buy one of our domains.

All of the domains for sale on this site are .uk domains: the shorter, sharper domain. For more information on this read our article .co.uk Vs .uk Domains – What’s The Difference?.

If you have any questions regarding any of our domain names then please contact us. Otherwise, we look forward to receiving your purchase request, or offer, and hopefully we can help you secure a great web address for your online business.

The Domain For Sale website was setup as a direct response to an increasing number of enquiries for our domain names, allowing us to showcase our portfolio more clearly and handle your enquiries more efficiently. All of the domain names listed on Domain For Sale are our own, we don’t offer a brokerage service to other domain owners.

Nominet UK Membership

Nominet UK are a not-for-profit private company responsible for the administration of the UK domain space, ie. all domains ending in .uk, which includes .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk and others. We have been a member of Nominet since early 2007, using the Nominet registrar TAG name of “BPC-CA” for all our domain name registrations. Our classified Self Managed registrar status allows us to register and administer our own portfolio of domain names directly with Nominet. The .uk domain space is one of the most populated in the world, with over ten million registered domains. Please visit their official site for more information on Nominet Opens in a new window.